Android & iOS Mobile App Development

Instalogic is becoming a mobile application development powerhouse for mobile application development in both iOS and Android. We also use hybrid frameworks like Flutter and React Native to cater the budget of our offshore clients.

Custom Mobile Application Development

Building mobile application that is independent or come as a part of a distributed system is one of the core competency of Instalogic. We build large-scale mobile applications that involves complex and real-time data delivery. We offer different options starting from native application to hybrid frameworks depending on your budget.

Design & User Experience

Instalogic takes care of the application design and user experience of your project. We provide design revision of the project and build an interactive user experience that you would love. We use latest design tools like Figma, Adobe XD, Miro for building up the user stories and break down the application to a small module. Our design team will communicate with you to come up with the best user experience.

Hybrid Application Development

Some of the hybrid frameworks like Flutter and React Native is taking up the market from the native mobile application development. People are moving to the hybrid applications recently in case of data heavy mobile applications. Moreover is it easier to get published in the stores with the hybrid frameworks. With the experience of over 12 mobile applications, we became an expert of delivering satisfying app to the clients.

Maintenance & Monitoring

We not only build the application, but also provide maintenance and support to the application too. Our yearly maintenance contract covers a lot of grounds that supports the application from developing to publishing. We also provide publishing support to mobile applications in both iOS and Android stores. 



In the marketplace, there is a fully functional mobile application product for you. Mobile application processes that have been tested and proven to ensure that your app meets industry standards.

Perfect For

Start Ups, business wanting to add a mobile product and services, businesses wanting to revamp their business mobile application.


From large-scale application to marketing website for small and medium businesses – we have done it all. Take a look at some of our client projects and the products that is currently being developed in Instalogic.

Our Expertise

Clear Project Plan

We involve you in the process and progress of your project. So it’s important to us that we keep all lines of communication open.

See issues that really matter

Visibility across all platforms, so no bug gets away from you.

Learn insights to improve

Uncover trends and anomalies across your projects, teams, and organization.

Solve issues in minutes

Deep context removes back-and-forth issue remediation across teams.


We generally build mobile application in native languages, which is Objective C for iOS and Java for android. But we also highly recommend going for Flutter or React native for data centric mobile applications. 


We are helping a number of companies with our services. We believe that our journey to build powerful digital solutions and an enjoyable user experience with our Mobile Application Development Services has just begun.

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